IIITB is actively engaged in various research programs. Our research lab encompasses people, projects, and physical facilities. Click here to get more details about our focus of research, faculty members involved, and the active labs and centers. It also nests a world class innovation center which is a hub for ICT4D research, innovation, social & entrepreneurship. Click here to know more about IIITB innovation center.

As part of CSR activity, IIITB innovation center’s focus is to leverage technology for social inclusion by the way of helping civic-tech startups that focus on building socially-relevant solutions targeting healthcare, education, transportation, energy, governance and culture.

Also, the corporate policies have a commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and disabilities. But most of them have failed in providing sustainable and inclusive workplace. Digital accessibility is one such area which we consider as a biggest barrier towards social inclusion.

Digital accessibility means that electronic documents and information can be easily used by people with disabilities. If you have a policy to be digitally accessible, it means that your company is committed to ensuring its website, mobile apps, PDF documents, electronic statements and invoices and job application forms are all free of barriers that might prevent people with vision, hearing, mobility and other disabilities from using them.

With this momentum, we work on building solutions to break technological barriers to social inclusion through our Accessibility CoE. IIITB Accessibility CoE houses a highly passionate, certified digital accessibility specialists with tremendous industry knowledge striving towards:
  • addressing wide variety of digital accessibility barriers
  • establish a set of pragmatic principles guiding the beneficiaries to disseminate in their departments 
  • improving efficiency by providing best available resources